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Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration, Dublin 19. July 2014


To call Israelis bloodthirst for revenge disproportionate is a gross understatement


To call Israelis bloodthirst for revenge disproportionate is a gross understatement

Humans just don’t learn from history. Look at the Srebrenica massacre in the 90s, the Holocaust in WW2, look at South African apartheid. How can anyone just sit back and watch this happen to Palestine for the past 66 years??!!

"A few years from now, a movie will air in international cinemas by former Israeli soldiers expressing their "mixed feelings" about their wartime service, and art work will be featured at a local gallery by a commander who looks back with "regret" at the years he led commandos as they killed in the streets of Gaza.

You will pay money to attend a play written by a soldier who describes all the horrible feelings he felt as he helped slaughter 66 Palestinians in Shujaiyya on that sweltering July day in 2014, and at the local college another soldier will come on tour and tell the crowd how sorry she is that she didn’t say no when she was being paid to launch the missiles into Gaza.


And there will be no movies, and no art gallery shows, and no plays, and no speaking tours, and no money for the 100 Palestinians who perished under Israeli bombardment today, or the 60 the day before, or the 40 the day before. There will be no “Waltz with Bashir” for the 112 Palestinian children who have died in the assault so far, and there will be no “Breaking the Silence” tours for those who have been condemned to eternal silence.

Even their killers will forget, except those who go into the arts and find an audience and a paying public for the “killer turned repentant.”


Thousands flee Gaza’s Shujaiyah after night of terror | July 20, 2014

They walked in their thousands, barefoot and in their pyjamas, streaming out of the eastern Gaza district of Shujaiyah after a night of non-stop Israeli bombing.

They described hours of terror, as tank shells slammed into homes, with no electricity and no way to escape.They called ambulances, but there was no way for the vehicles to get in under the constant fire.

So in the end, thousands of desperate residents fled on foot at first light, walking two hours or more into Gaza City. They left behind the bodies of the dead in the streets of their neighbourhoods — in Nazzaz, in Shaaf and in other parts of this flashpoint area between Gaza City and the Israeli border.

One of those fleeing was Sabreen Hattad, 34, with her three children. “The Israeli shells were hitting the house. We stayed the night because we were so scared but about six in the morning we decided to escape,” she said. “But where are we supposed to go? The ambulances could not enter and so we ran under shell fire.” Three other men pass by in a hurry clutching bedding in their arms. Asked what they had seen they would only answer: “Death and horror.”

Many of those escaping Shujaiyah made for Gaza’s central Shifa hospital, which was engulfed by chaotic scenes and ambulances ferrying the dead came in a steady steam, among them a local TV cameraman Khaled Hamad and paramedic Fuad Jabir, killed during the overnight offensive, wheeled out wrapped in a bloody plastic shroud. "He wasn’t a fighter, he was a fighter for humanity," wailed one relative as the family buried him. ”He was an ambulance worker, did he deserve to die?” 

Shifa hospital administrator Dr. Hasan Khalas confirmed that 112 Palestinians were killed across Gaza last night, at least 60 dead in Shujaiyah only. Dozens of victims in Shujaiyah haven’t been identified. ”This is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said Doctor Said Hassan, who has worked at the hospital for eight years.

More than 60 Palestinians were killed, including 17 children, and 210 injured in Shujaiyah massacre so far. The ongoing Israeli military attacks on the Gaza Strip have so far displaced more than 135,000 Palestinians, according to a report. The death toll is expected to rise as Israeli shelling continues and more bodies are uncovered, while today’s total across the Gaza Strip has passed 90 already, bringing the 13-day total death toll to more than 410, with at least 3,000 injured.


1. Smoke rises during what witnesses said were heavy Israeli shelling at the Shujaiyah neighbourhood. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

2. A wounded Palestinian man reacts after the death of his relatives, who medics said were killed during heavy Israeli shelling at the Shujaiyah district, at a hospital. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

3. A Palestinian woman wearing clothes stained with the blood of other relatives, who medics said were wounded in Israeli shelling, cries at a hospital. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

4. Palestinians flee the Shujaiyah neighbourhood. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

5. A Palestinian woman reacts after the death of her relatives, who medics said were killed during heavy Israeli shelling at the Shujaiyah district, at a hospital. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

6. Palestinians flee the Shujaiyah neighbourhood. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

7. A Palestinian woman, who medics said was wounded during heavy Israeli shelling, stands at a hospital. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

8. Palestinians flee the Shujaiyah neighbourhood. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

9. Palestinian policemen and medics carry a man, who medics said was wounded in Israeli shelling, at a hospital. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

10. Palestinians flee the Shujaiyah neighbourhood. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

87 were killed.

Over the past few days I have received several messages from friends asking for responses to typical pro-Israel talking points. The beauty of being on the right side of history is that we don’t need to be spoon-fed responses. We just need to keep things in the proper context. This can be challenging, as the pro-Israel propaganda machine is the most successful and far reaching I have ever come across. But the reason I am writing this status is to show just how easily it can be dismantled 

1) Israel is defending itself against rocket fire from Hamas. 

This claim entirely neglects Israel’s role as the occupier. There is no such thing as defense against a population you occupy. Along the same lines, this claim presents a false parity between Hamas and Israel. The rockets Hamas launches can not be seriously compared to Israel’s cutting edge military arsenal (unless, of course, you are trying to defend the indefensible and therefore have an interest in purposefully misleading people.)

If Israel is defending itself against rockets and militants, why are over 80% of the casualties in Gaza civilians according to UN estimates? What Israel says doesn’t matter. Stick to the facts. When are 80% of those who are murdered by Israel are civilians, it is clear that their murder was no mistake. They are the targets of these operations.

1a) Hamas places civilians near its rocket launchers so when Israel strikes, civilians will die and the world will condemn Israel. 

This claim is absolutely ludicrous. For starters, it assumes the world is condemning Israel. The unfortunate truth is Israel is getting away with murder (literally) with full diplomatic cover mainly from the US and others. (It is now illegal to hold pro-Palestine demonstrations in France). Second, this again neglects Israel’s role as the occupier. Israel ultimately is in control of everything between the river and sea. This claim removes Israel from its responsibility for ethnically cleansing Palestine and besieging its people and places the blame on the victims. It’s disgusting. Third, this type of thinking tells us that the person who is making the claim does not view Palestinians as human beings. He/She views us as animals that willingly expose ourselves to death just to make a point that falls on deaf ears. This is a type of person you should not be talking to in the first place. 

1b) But Israel withdrew from Gaza and handed it over to the Palestinians who turned it into a terrorist state!

Again, this claim has absolutely no basis in reality. While Israel did withdraw a few settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip, it assumes that Israel handed over Gaza free and clear. It didn’t. Israel has maintained control of Gaza’s airspace, sea, imports and exports. Israel has continued to deny Palestinians freedom of movement and even set a daily caloric limit for Gaza’s 1.8 million residents. More Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israel during ‘times of peace’ than Israelis killed by Hamas rockets during Israel’s offensives in Gaza. 

Pro-Israel types would like you to ignore 1) That Gaza is under Israeli siege. 2) The movement of Palestinians in and out of Gaza is controlled by Israel. 3) 80% of Palestinians in Gaza are refugees from the surrounding areas and were forcibly expelled and prevented from returning to their homes by Israel. 4) Israel bombs Gaza and kills Palestinians regularly 5) Israel has broken every single ceasefire it has made with Hamas etc… Yes they want you to ignore all of this and believe that Hamas rockets fly out of a vacuum. Unbelievable.

These are the same people who deny Palestinians Statehood in one breathe and go on to blame Palestinians for not acting like a state in the next. How any of this can be taken seriously is beyond me. 

2) Hamas is responsible for the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I hear this one. In order for Hamas to be responsible, Hamas would have to be the one holding Gaza under siege. It would have been Hamas that ethnically cleansed Palestinians from their homeland and forced them into an open-air prison. It would be Hamas who regularly shoots Palestinian fishermen and farmers in the Gaza strip. It would have to be Hamas who bombs hospitals for the disabled, mosques, churches and schools. It would be Hamas that routinely arrests and re-arrests Palestinians without charge. Rather, it is Israel who is responsible for all of the aforementioned.

This line of thinking only serves to relieve Israel of any and all responsibility for its crimes, which is just as criminal.

3) Hamas targets Israeli civilians!

This one is another doozy. Hamas launches WWII vintage rockets. Rockets can’t be aimed. Hamas doesn’t ‘target’ anything. This is why you hear “Hamas launches hundreds of rockets into southern Israel’ but no injuries or fatalities. Israel on the other hand has a record of killing 80% civilians in its offensive. 

Unfortunately, when some people realize they don’t have an argument based in reality, they turn to fantasy. This is why supporters of Israel’s genocide in Gaza want to mislead you into 1) Reducing all Palestinians to Hamas 2) Thinking Hamas and Israel are equal opposite parties 3) Forgetting Israel holds the entire Gaza strip under siege 4) Forgetting that Israel kills Palestinians and bombs Gaza regularly whether rockets are flying or not etc. All of which are the opposite of the truth.

3a) But Israel doesn’t INTEND to kill civilians whereas Hamas does.

This actually means nothing. Stick to the facts. Over 22 entire families have been murdered by Israel in its latest genocide in Gaza. Just take a moment to think about that. 22 whole families that two weeks ago were breaking their Ramadan fast together, have been entirely wiped off the face of the earth by Israel. 22. Twenty-two. It’s hard to process. Allah yer7amhom. 

Israel says it is trying to defend its citizens in colonies like Sderot in the south where Hamas rockets regularly fall. Here’s some context: 

70 years ago, Sderot was a populated and bustling village. Except it’s name wasn’t Sderot. It was Al-Huj. And it wasn’t populated by Israelis. Al-Huj was populated by indigenous Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinian Arabs were forcibly expelled from their village of Al-Huj in 1948 by self-proclaimed Zionist terrorists. Why? Because they were of the wrong ethno-religious category of human being. Zionist terrorists wanted to make way for Jewish colonizers to literally move into the homes of the expelled Palestinians.

The 6000 residents of Al-Huj are now living under Israeli siege in the Gaza strip. 

Are they not entitled to fight for their rights? Are they not entitled to defend themselves? Are the not entitled to a life of stability and security? Are their lives worth less than the lives of Israelis? 

66 years later, Palestinians go to sleep every single night convinced that in the morning, we will return home. One day.

-ADAM AKKAD, Harvard University student and employee of MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research


Kinan and Saji Hallak murdered with their pregnant mother and father.Targeted only because they’re Palestinians #Gaza


Kinan and Saji Hallak murdered with their pregnant mother and father.Targeted only because they’re Palestinians #Gaza

I’ve come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad.


The Palestinians here in the West Bank are in complete solidarity with Gaza.

No one has had any parties for passing tawjeehi (tawjeehi is the 12th grade and here in Palestine you take an exam at the end of the year to tell you if you passed or not; it is a huge deal!)

No one is even having…


87 Palestinians murdered last night alone. So the death toll is over 400+CIVILIANS now, with thousands more injured with no access to resources. 64,000 displaced. I don’t understand. I can’t bear it. There are SO MANY VIDEOS showing the truth and yet people are still delusional and misinformed and hateful toward Palestinians.

"How Dare You?

Last night one could see how Israel officially has given up the charade of democracy. I saw it in the city of Haifa. Two thousands hooligans came well-armed with stones and bottles that were hurled at the demonstrators from the very beginning. They were invited there by local politicians. The police did not only standby, but helped the mob by cordoning the demonstrators so that they could not move out of the firing zone. The media covering the event saluted the thugs for finally standing for the nation in its hour of need. The scenes were reminiscent from the last days of the Wiemar republic.

The media in Israel went one step further this morning when the first news of the Shujaiya massacre came through. Cover-up, justification and not one word of regret was the message that came from the self-righteous media. In face of the 2014 Sabra and Shatila, one may ask, although this is not the most important question at this time, and yet there is never a good time for this, how dare some of our more prominent friends in the solidarity movement question the wisdom and necessity of the BDS movement?

What else would stop this barbarism and the future massacres? What else would bypass the cynical and impotent Western governments that provide immunity for these atrocities? What else would send a message to President Obama whose senior aide told the Israeli media that only when the death toll would cross the 1000 bar, the US would intervene?
The restaurant owners of Mumbai stop selling American drinks, protesting against the USA aid to Israel (most of the weapons wreaking havoc in Shujaiyya are either made in the USA or being paid by the USA). We should all find are original way for strengthening the only strategy that really matters now in this hour of darkness.” - Ilan Pappe

"Until this moment, the Israeli military has killed 425 Palestinians in the last 13 days in Gaza, including 100 today alone. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights previously estimated that more than 80 percent of the victims have been civilians, including 112 children.

Palestinian militants, meanwhile, have killed 18 soldiers according to the Israeli military, while one civilian who was volunteering with soldiers near the border was also killed, and one other civilian near Dimona.

Which party in this conflict is targeting civilians, exactly?

The most powerful, technologically advanced army in the region, if not the world, which despite all its investment and $3 billion a year in US aid somehow cannot manage to avoid slaughtering innocents?

Or the handful of young guys with homemade rockets that has been living a territory under a complete siege (by Israel) for the last seven years but has still managed to kill soldiers and not civilians at a ratio of 9 to 1?” - Alex Reza


I’m watching live stream from AlShifaa hospital (AlQuds/Palestine today channles).

Heavy non stopping bombing of houses in AlShja’aa nighbrhood in Gaza all night , Tens of people are killed mostly children - A MASSACRE is happening now.

A child with his head cut off , paramedics injured , blood…